HAR DAYAAL is the spiritual name given to both of us. It means "the merciful essence of God" which is to say that the intelligence of the universe is always looking out for us, giving us what we need. Since it's our spiritual name, it is a reminder that in essence there is no separation between the creative force of the universe and ourselves. It's a name to remind us not to get too identified with our small person/personality, but to see the bigger picture and fullness of ourselves.

Both of us are yoga teachers and musicians. We live in Stockholm, Sweden, where we run Stockholm Kundaliniyoga Center. We give weekly courses and classes, 4-5 retreats a year, yoga teacher trainings, concerts and singing events.

Warmly welcome to take part of us sharing the wonderful blessings of the yogic tradition!
We hope to see you or hear from you.

Love and blessings,
Annki and Klas 

Contact: info@hardayaal.com